Free review, drafting and negotiation of a data processing agreement (DPA), non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or service agreement.

The paid membership service includes the following services:

Contract review

A contract supplied by the customer is legally reviewed and adjusted where necessary. The changes can be seen in ‘track changes’. If necessary, the person making the changes can be presented in Word as ‘in house legal counsel’.

Drawing up a new contract

The customer requests to draft a new contract. The number of pages is subject to a fair use policy and languages other than English or Dutch can be provided at extra cost.

Contract negotiations

Contract negotiations for existing or new contracts via email or an online connection (Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc.).

Fixed price

Customers pay a fixed monthly price and are not confronted with unexpected legal expenses. The price is based on the number of employees in the company (contact us for the exact price).

We also provide supplementary legal advice within the fixed price on the basis of a fair use policy regarding labour law, company law, contract law.

Benefits of membership

  • On demand legal expertise available

  • No unexpected legal costs
  • Not hiring an employee for legal work

  • Superior quality and fast delivery

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Membership terms


The terms and conditions of the legal membership service apply in addition to the general terms and conditions of contract experts specifically if the client purchases the legal membership service.


The monthly use of the services by Client is unlimited, but is subject to a fair use policy. Reviewing, drafting or negotiating an agreement is a one-off and concerns an agreement of up to 10 pages in normal font.

Fixed fee

The customer pays a fixed monthly fee and is not confronted with unexpected legal expenses. The fee is based on the number of employees in the company.

Duration and termination

The subscription is for an indefinite period of time and can be cancelled every month by both parties. Per period of 12 months the client may cancel once.

The power of our experts

More than 20 years of experience in the world of contracts and agreements. Our professionals have knowledge of a wide variety of jurisdictions and legal systems within the European Union and beyond.

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